My goal is to help you in discovering your true inner desires through dignity, compassion and respect. With my expertise as a personal trainer and proven training technics, my clients have been able to successfully realize their fitness goals and beyond. Somewhere along the line, I suffered a mild stroke, which offered a unique set of challenges for me. With that said, I was able to maintain personal fitness. I am physically the same in my appearance in every respect as I was before the stroke. Since then, I've developed skills with which I've been able to share with my clients, some who come to me having injuries and physical challenges and others who run into challenges along the way from work related injuries, etc.

While much of my clientele are virtually free of physical limitations, I have a steadily increasing number of clients who seek me out because of because of self perceived limitations. It's my job to help my clients find the means with which to work around  their injuries, etc., in order to establish and maintain the health, fitness and aesthetic of a beautiful body. Helping ordinary people acheive extraordinary things.

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Individual Services

  • Weight-Loss
  • Body & Weight Maintenance
  • Nutrition Education and Guidance
  • Taking Control of Your Diabetes (Diet, Weight Loss, Excercise)


864 Folsom Street

San Francisco, CA



  • A personal trainer since 2005
  • Certified Fitness Trainer
  • 8-years dance background
  • 15-years exercise (Weight Training, Body Building)
  • Specialize in weight management, body building, diabetic management
  • Sports Nutrition



“I’ve known many personal trainers in my life, but Geoffrey Wood is among the very best. What makes him uniquely talented and successful is his passion and dedication to his clients. Beyond all his considerable knowledge and competence in training techniques, gym equipment, exercise, and physiology, Geoffrey genuinely cares and listens. He can guide you through a challenging work with tremendous encouragement, and just as easily give you a swift kick in the pants when you need it. Not only did he help me lose weight and get in shape, but he empowered me to develop a renewed confidence in myself, and inspired me to create a better outlook on life. He's a consummate professional, a naturally gifted trainer, and now...a trusted friend. Geoffrey’s the bomb!”
--Chris White

“I can wholeheartedly say that Geoff Wood is the best trainer I have ever worked with. Working with Geoff, I achieved twice as much in half the time, as compared to the two trainers I worked with previously. I went from 23% body fat to 18% body fat in 4 months time!! Not only does Geoff motivate me to achieve my very best in the gym but he also inspires me to reach for the next plateau and is always there to guide me.”
--Brandi Richards

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